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is it time to flourish in business and life?

I help women working in the Creative, Healing and Wellness industries to move through limiting beliefs & inner blocks so that they can freely share their work and enjoy what they do. Get ready to transform your life!

business strategy for influential women

It's time for a new era in your business. One that feels like more flow and ease and less like a cluster of overwhelm, self-doubt and under-charging.


Time away from the day to day demands to gain deeper clarity and plan to move forward

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Business Planning

We'll create a long-term strategy for growth.



Let's do a 90-minute deep-dive on your business.



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Your business has its own unique energy field! And sometimes, despite our best efforts, there are underlying dynamics or unresolved issues within this energy field that can hinder our success and growth. Couple this with our own limiting beliefs and doubts it can create a perfect storm that prevents action.  That's where Business Constellations come in.

Through this systemic approach, I facilitate a process of exploration and revelation, allowing you to gain deeper insights into the roots of challenges you may be facing in your business. We'll shine a light on any hidden blocks or conflicts that are impacting your entrepreneurial journey, whether it's self-doubt, fear of failure, difficulties setting boundaries, or other obstacles.

I help women to connect with their  business to find clarity and create action towards creating their dreams

Your new business bestie!

Want to explore what it is like to work with me?

For a limited time I am offering a complimentary 30 Minute Open the flow session for you and your business. This is a stand alone session designed to open up the flow in your create greater connection to your business. 

No obligation or hard sell. Limited spaces Available. 

Open the flow - 30 Min Session

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Leigh West - LeeLee Creative - freelance art director/designer

It makes perfect sense I needed a holistic business mentor, I have a holistic approach to many other aspects in my life.

It makes perfect sense!

I had more clarity regarding my business goals; social media strategy, website development, financial goals, what kind of work (and humans) I'd like to attract more of in my business, along with timelines. Mary empowered me to set my own pace and resist the urge to compare myself to others. I left the session with a heightened sense of trust in my intuition and decision-making abilities, along with renewed optimism.  

leigh west - leelee creative

My experience with Mary left me feeling grounded, empowered, and deeply connected to my own heart-centred path in business 

I can't believe my growth!

Mary's experience as a seasoned business professional, along with her intelligence, empathy and holistic approach to business coaching, brought a multifaceted dimension to her guidance

leigh west - leelee creative

I could hear my intuition clearly and the mental chatter disappeared. This was a zoom session, but it was like we were sitting in front of each other.

I am so grateful. This is a fit for me. 

The atmosphere she created was incredibly supportive, safe, and welcoming, allowing me to immediately feel at ease. Our established bond of trust rapidly deepened during the session, and within a mere 10 minutes, I found myself in a state of deep relaxation, fully open to the questions and practices Mary introduced.