My journey has taken me on many twists and turns. From my beginnings in the world of Chartered Accountancy where I loved to work with passionate CEO’s and business owners to help them grow their business and understand their numbers, to following my personal passion of learning more about what makes us human and how we can work with the different parts of ourselves to overcome our beliefs and stories to experience a life that lights us all up.

I dream of a world where we let go of the “shoulds” and find trust and worth in ourselves so that we feel safe to live a life that brings us so much joy, where we can hold ourselves even in the most challenging of time and share our passions with others.

here's a little about me

So excited you are here...



Maybe you are like me. For most of my life I never believed in myself enough to follow my passion and dreams. I was taught to play it safe and stay in a well paying job, even when I hated it. Comfort and stability became my driving force

As a recovering people pleaser, I perfected the art of doing all the things that everyone else wanted in an attempt to feel as though I belonged. I strived to be the perfect daughter, the perfect employee, the perfect wife, the perfect mother. I stayed in jobs/careers/relationships for too long because I didn’t believe I deserved or was good enough for anything different. All of this led to me falling into a deep pit of despair where I hated everything about my life.

Through years of therapy, and work on myself I discovered my own self-worth. I cleared the mirror to see myself for who I am (all of me) and learnt to love even the parts that as society we deem as “bad”. This journey has taught me so many amazing tools to support myself in the most challenging of times and to find a deep belief and trust in who I am and the gifts that I am here to share.

And I am here to help you. To help you see yourself for who you are. To find your belief and trust in yourself so that you too can live a life that brings you so much joy.

I believe in you. I believe in your business. And I will help you believe as well.

Fall in love with your business!

I believe in you 

I believe each and every one of us have some much wisdom and knowledge inside of ourselves yet we struggle to tap into this well. For too many years I listened to others. Tried to show up in life as who I thought they wanted me to be. I ignored my own inner knowing for that of others. This lead to a world of heartbreak and pain.

My relentless desire to understand myself and why I was the way I am has taken me on an amazing (yet also challenging) journey where I have learned to love all the different parts of me. To witness and work with the parts of me that show up to keep me safe and to nurture these parts for us to move forward towards a life that feels aligned with what I wish to share.

I have used my tools to build my own inner resilience and move through the uncomfortable times of transition and growth. And this has allowed me to open to sharing my knowledge and wisdom and support others to find this for themselves.

I have always had a love of working with businesses and business owners and I love that I now get to incorporate all of my passions to help other business owners to learn to trust in themselves and fall in love with doing business in a way that is sustainable to them.

My work is not about telling you what to do. It is about helping you discover a way to do business that feels good to you. To feel confident in yourself and your business. To allow yourself to be seen and to share with passion what is important to you.

Lets do this together!

Why i decided to become a Business Mentor

  • I am passionate about finding beautiful moments like sundrenched ranges or the way light dances with the clouds as the sunsets. These kind of moments light me up on the inside.
  • Sunrises and Sunsets are my jam. I love seeing pretty light and constantly seeking to find. I notice the little details of how light touches different things and how when it does it, how it changes everything. 
  • As a Manifesting Generator I am multi-passionate. As well as having a career in accounting, I also have worked as a scuba-diving instructor, photographer, yoga instructor, breathwork facilitator and reiki master to name a few. 
  • I have a love for Aerial Yoga. Especially hanging upside down and swinging. My whole body rejoices and feels so good afterwards. 

Fun Facts About Me